Cured Egg Yolks

Cured Egg Yolks


Our European style Cured Egg Yolks are created by delicately preserving the yolks with a blend of salt and sugar which transforms them into luxurious golden jewels of unparalleled richness and depth. Simply shave the yolks over dishes such as pasta, soups, steak dishes(beef carpaccio), sushi garnish, caviar accompaniment, roasted vegetables and salads(Caesar salad).

  1. Intense flavour infusion: Cured Egg Yolks adds a burst of savoury richness to any dish. Whether grated, shaved, or incorporated into sauces and dressings, they elevate the flavour profile and take your creations to new heights.
  2. Unique textural element: The firm, yet velvety texture of Cured Egg Yolks introduces an element of surprise and elegance to your dishes.
  3. Versatility and shelf life: Cured Egg Yolks offer excellent versatility in the kitchen. They can be be added to a wide range of dishes and have an extended shelf life without a drop in quality.

How to order your Cured Egg Yolks

Cured Egg Yolks are available for purchase to businesses and individuals.

  • Business customers can order via invoice through our distributor or purchase directly from our website.
  • Individuals must complete their order online.

Orders are processed and shipped within 5 days of payment.


Cured Egg Yolks Usage

Some of our favourite dishes cured egg yolks are added to:

  • Pasta
  • Steak & lamb
  • Fish
  • Salads
  • Vegetables
  • Sauces

Eggzi cured eggs pasta

Additional Information

Size: 150g
Storage: Keep stored in cool dry area at ambient (18-25 degrees)
Sourced from: Australia
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