Pasteurized Eggs FAQs

How Long Will My Pasteurized Eggs Take to Arrive?

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    Safety isn’t the only feature of our eggs we won’t compromise on and arrival time will depend on the type of product that is ordered. We source our eggs fresh from regional Australian finest free range egg farmers to ensure we deliver the best tasting egg products on the market.

    Frozen Egg Products – Delivered Same Day

    Need it now? We get it. We have a frozen egg product range always on hand which we can get to Sydney-based restaurants within one day’s notice.

    Chilled Egg Products – One Week’s Notice

    We’ll need about a week’s notice for our chilled egg products. When you place an order, we gather the eggs from our regional farmers and process them through our HACCP Certified facility.


    Our distributors will always have par levels of stock available for your convenience as well. Learn more about our distributors here.

How Much Are Pasteurized Eggs?

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    As a kitchen manager of many years, Mark understands the importance of running a kitchen at the lowest cost whilst sourcing the best available produce. The price of Eggzi’s pasteurized eggs? We’ll be honest, it’s more than you would pay for regular free range eggs due to the expertise and facilities required for the pasteurisation process. But what’s the cost of running a safe kitchen that cares for the wellbeing of its patrons? Priceless.

    Want to learn more about our range? You’ve made the right choice. See below for information regarding our growing range of pasteurized eggs.

    Chef’s Whole Eggs

    Our pasteurized, certified free range Chefs’ Whole Egg 900ml satchels include 18 whole eggs. Sourced from Australia’s finest producers in regional Australia’s best farming regions, these whole eggs deliver a consistent flavour and unrivalled quality.

    Bartender’s Egg Whites

    Bartender’s Pasteurized Egg White 450ml packages contain 13 egg whites with some foaming agents. Pasteurized egg white appears in the ingredients list of many classic cocktails, including Pisco Sours and Gin Fizz. Easy-store, easy-pour; you can’t get much better than that for busy bar staff. Please note that this product is only available frozen.

    Chef’s Egg Yolks (Chilled)

    Maximise value with 50 egg yolks in our 900ml Chefs’ Egg Yolks packages. Rich, creamy and earthy, our yolks are perfect for use in aioli, mayonnaise, hollandaise sauce, tiramisu, pasta, desserts, batters and ice cream.

    Dessert Egg Whites

    Our sweet Dessert Egg Whites are perfect for pavlovas, meringues and whipped egg desserts. The easy-pour satchels contain 26 egg whites with whipping agents to get those perfect peaks. Please note that this product is only available frozen.

    Sweet Chef’s Egg Yolks

    Designed by chefs so you can create with confidence, our Sweet Egg Yolks contain 44 egg yolks and 10% sugar. Perfect for Custards, Gelato, Soufflés, Tiramisu and Anglaise. Please note that this product is only available frozen.

    Chef’s Egg Yolks (Salted)

    The Salted Egg Yolks include 47 Egg Yolks with a 5% ratio of salt. Seasoned to perfection, our yolks are perfect for use in aioli, mayonnaise, hollandaise sauce, pasta. Please note that this product is only available frozen.

What Are Pasteurized Eggs?

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    Pasteurized eggs are regular eggs that have been gently heated and then rapidly cooled to eliminate any harmful bacteria causing salmonella by up to 99%. Safe eggs are increasingly important in Australian kitchens due to a rise in health and safety consciousness among consumers. Additionally, warmer temperatures lead to an increased risk of dangerous bacteria impacting kitchens, making Australia one of the most vulnerable locations globally for salmonella outbreaks. The New South Wales Food Authority conducts regular audits on both farms and kitchens to ensure that Australian businesses meet their stringent safety standards. Authorities actively encourage kitchens to adopt pasteurized eggs to adhere to their safety standards.

    Eggzi is the solution to all hospitality professional’s frustration at the lack of pasteurized eggs available to purchase in Australia. As a kitchen manager, Mark, the founder of Eggzi, was also frustrated with food waste and the limited pasteurized options in Australia. As his kitchen staff continued to waste time cracking eggs, only to use the yolk, or the white exclusively, he thought “there has to be a better way”. Now Mark is the director of the leading provider of the most consistent and highest quality free-range pasteurized eggs Australia has to offer. Investing in quality produce and pasteurized eggs is the best way to keep your kitchen or bar safe and your customers free of harm.

Can I Pasteurize Eggs at Home?

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    Our team are frequently asked for guides on how to pasteurize eggs at home. Our answer is simply this; if it were that easy, all eggs would be pasteurized. The pasteurization process is technical and demands the attention of a certified egg pasteurizer. Sure, you can try it at home for one-off egg consumption purposes, but lasting results will be inconsistent. Sourcing eggs from a premium producer like Eggzi gives you the confidence that traces of bacteria are almost certainly eliminated and are safe to consume. Egg pasteurizers are experts at the egg pasteurization process. They adopt HACCP equipment in controlled conditions to deliver safety without compromising the egg quality or flavour.

Are Eggs Pasteurized in Australia?

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    Eggs bought in Australia from grocery stores are usually not pasteurized. Many commercial venues also do not use pasteurized eggs in their recipes. There is a growing trend of food authorities recommending pasteurized egg usage in recipes like sauces, cocktails, desserts and pastas as it reduces the chances of salmonella poisoning. Eggzi supply Australian free-range, pasteurized eggs products to hospitality businesses.

Are Eggzi Products Always Made from Free Range Eggs?

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    Yes. At Eggzi, we settle for nothing but the best, and we only partner with Australian farmers who share the same core values as us. Food safety at Eggzi is of utmost importance; however, our producers must adhere to other fundamental values, including hen welfare, sustainable farming, and a passion for quality produce. To be classified as free-range, hens must have regular outdoor daylight access for at least eight hours a day with the freedom to forage outdoors.

    “We make sure they have the best grain, access to water and protection. Everything is done by hand. We pick the eggs by hand. We can be a really hands-on farm because it’s smaller than other egg farms.” – Hunter Valley Ranges Organic

    Find An Egg Pasteuriser Near You

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      Are you a pasteurized egg covert? Say no more! Eggzi are industry leaders in providing pasteurized eggs for Sydney bars, restaurants and cafes and beyond. The pasteurized eggs Australia produces are some of the highest quality and safest in the world. You should try it!

      Head over to our distributors page to learn more about our distributors and where you can get your hands on safer eggs for your kitchen.

    Do Pasteurized Eggs Taste the Same as Normal Eggs?

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      Yes! Our free-range pasteurized egg white, yolk, and whole eggs will taste the same as regular eggs. Why? Because when the egg pasteurization process is conducted to a high-quality standard, it doesn’t compromise the eggs’ taste, quality, or nutritional value.

      We might be so bold as even to say that Eggzi has the best free-range pasteurized eggs Australia has to offer. In our opinion, they are even better than regular eggs you are likely to find on the shelves of supermarkets. Why? Because we believe that happy, healthy chickens lay tasty, nutritionally rich eggs. We’ve partnered with some of Australia’s finest producers for our free-range egg for their ethical practices and prioritization of hen welfare. On the farms we have selected, hens can pasture freely through rich soil, and lush grasslands or are fed with specialty organic feed. Each region produces distinguishably different egg flavour profiles and is simply delightful to eat.

    Who Can Benefit from Pasteurized Eggs?

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      Five main groups can benefit significantly from using the safest pasteurized eggs Australia has to offer in their venues; restaurants, bars, cafes, commercial kitchens, pregnant women.

      1. Restaurants

      There’s no denying it – restaurant kitchens are hectic. Chefs, kitchen hands and management are constantly under pressure to get things right. With so many factors to consider in a commercial kitchen, it’s easy to let food safety slip in your priorities order. That’s where Eggzi enters to deliver the highest quality pasteurized eggs Australia offers. Our pasteurized eggs are pre-separated and conveniently packaged in a sachet with a spout for easy, accurate pouring. An easy to use product is precisely what chefs need when managing competing priorities whilst remaining safe in a busy kitchen. Head over to our products & orders page to discover our range of pasteurized eggs now.

      1. Bars

      Egg whites are an integral part of every bar behind the scenes. More than a couple of classic cocktail options require the use of egg white. Pasteurized egg white products minimize waste in bars and can significantly increase efficiencies. In a recent interview, the founder of Eggzi expressed his frustrations at food waste in kitchens.

      “The bar was cracking eggs, wasting the yolks and using the whites to make Whisky Sour’s to-order.” Eggzi’s Bartender’s Egg Whites minimise waste as they are pre-separated whilst being a safer, innovative option for busy bar managers to implement in their operations. The best part about using pasteurized egg white for your bar is that it takes the focus away from bartenders being safety-compliant. Taking away one of their main concerns gives them the freedom to experiment with new flavour combinations and come up with seasonal products for your bar. Who knows? It might just be the next thing to make your bar stand out from the crowd.

      1. Cafés

      Even cafes can benefit from pasteurized eggs to minimize the risk of salmonella and other harmful bacteria coming into contact with your customers. There are countless egg-based products that cafes use, not just on their breakfast menu. Got fries? You’ll probably want an authentic aioli with that. Burger? Put some mayo on it. Got a slice fridge? We’ll bet any money the ingredients contain at least one type of egg variety. Work smarter, not harder, with pasteurized eggs for your café.

      1. Commercial Kitchens

      Large licensed venues are arguably the most susceptible to bacteria causing salmonella and compromised safety. Facility managers will understand the repercussions of delivering food that doesn’t meet New South Wales Food Authority strict guidelines. Even your customers will expect more from your kitchen in a health-conscious world. So, lead the pack. Establish the best food safety standards in your organization and be an example to other commercial kitchens.

      1. Pregnant Women

      Pregnant women can safely consume pasteurized eggs. Although measures can be undertaken to ensure that pregnant women consume regular eggs safely, such as heating them adequately and cooking them through, sometimes it better to be safe than sorry, right? Cooking eggs doesn’t solve the problem of raw pasteurized egg white in typical desserts such as meringue. Our HACCP certified eggs are safe in pregnancy as they reduce the risk of salmonella by up to 99%. We highly recommend sourcing Australian pasteurized eggs from HACCP certified egg pasteurizers to ensure you’re getting the highest quality, most consistent and safest result.

    How Are Eggs Pasteurized?

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      Our egg pasteurization process is HACCP certified. Egg pasteurization is a process that requires precision and skill, so we wouldn’t recommend trying it at home! Our equipment is specifically made for egg pasteurization. The process involves gently heating and rapidly and precisely cooling the eggs. Egg pasteurization ensures that the eggs are heated thoroughly enough to kill any traces of harmful bacteria that exist on the egg without cooking it. Our method provides a consistent, reliably safe product that doesn’t compromise the egg’s quality, nutritional value or flavour profile. When you purchase Eggzi’s pasteurized eggs, you can rely on a consistent, delicious flavour and significantly improved safety in your kitchen.

    What is a HACCP Certification?

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      HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. A HACCP Certification means that our egg pasteurization methods are internationally recognized for the control of food safety. Our eggs have undergone extensive testing to achieve the HACCP Certification, and we are proud to be able to deliver the safest possible product to our clients. A certified food auditor processes the assessment.
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