About Us

Eggzi provides pasteurised free-range egg products to hospitality businesses.

Why use our pasteurised egg products

  • Safety – Pasteurised eggs reduce harmful bacteria like salmonella protecting your customers & reputation.
  • Convenience – Save time splitting yolks & whites, pasteurising in-house and less prep time with our recipes tailored for savory & sweet dishes as well as cocktails.
  • High quality – We work with Australia’s leading free-range farmers bringing a premium touch to your recipes.

Who we serve

Eggzi products are suitable for any hospitality business using raw eggs in savoury dishes, desserts & cocktails.

Distribution is available Australia-wide to restaurants, bakeries, bars, hotels, and caterers via our distribution partners. Eggzi is also export-ready if you’re an overseas distributor looking to supply high-quality Australian free-range and pasteurised egg products to your network.

Some of our customers

Ordering from us

We work with distribution partners who service businesses Australia-wide.

Our founder

Mark Beattie founded Eggzi in 2020 following an over 20-year career working as a chef in leading restaurants and hotels across Sydney, Paris, London & Dubai. Mark’s global hospitality experience and appetite for innovation were the driving forces behind establishing Eggzi as he saw a need to provide safe, convenient & high-quality egg products to the Australian market. A segment of the market he saw as underserved.


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