How Eggs are Pasteurised

Egg Responsibly

Create with confidence when you choose to use pasteurised eggs.

How are eggs pasteurised?

Pasteurising eggs involves gently heating them then rapidly and precisely cooling them. It’s a process that employs specifically designed equipment in HACCP certified facilities to ensure consistency and reliability.

Our free range Australia eggs are bathed in warm water at a temperature that does not cook the eggs but which reduces Salmonella and other harmful bacteria by 99.9%. Rapid precision cooling arrests this process while retaining the full egg flavour profile.

Our eggs are pasteurised in liquid form and the packaging is specially designed to maintain the safety and quality of the eggs.

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The benefits of pasteurised eggs

Pasteurised eggs retain all of their health benefits and flavour profile and enable you to create with confidence.

Designed by chefs for restaurants, bars and gourmet cooks, Eggzi’s pasteurised eggs are easy to store, use and handle.

Using pasteurised eggs in commercial kitchens can reduce the labour and improve the safe handling of eggs and get ahead of food safety regulations.

In Australia, regulators like the NSW Food Authority encourage businesses to use pasteurised eggs to avoid outbreaks of Salmonella related illnesses.

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