Craft your masterpiece with safer, Australian free range and pasteurised eggs.

Eggzi is Australia’s leading producer of free range, pasteurised eggs. We work with regional Australia’s finest free range egg farmers to deliver ethical eggs raised on sustainable farmlands, to cafes, restaurants, bars and commercial kitchens across Australia. Working with Australia’s finest producers of free range eggs means that our eggs retain unique and distinct flavour profiles, whilst ensuring safety in the kitchen. Craft your masterpiece with the best pasteurized eggs Australia has to offer. To create with confidence, whether it be a dining experience or cocktail, make the switch to Eggzi.

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Eggzi is created by chefs, for chefs. We are proud to champion the best of Australia’s free range pasteurised eggs. Pasteurized eggs are not only essential in adhering to the regulations administered by health authorities, but they are becoming increasingly crucial for meeting customer’s expectations. Why set the bar when you can raise it for your kitchen? Eggzi’s range of pasteurised egg yolk, pasteurised egg white, and pasteurised whole eggs for bars and restaurants are available to order now.

Pasteurised Egg FAQs

  • What Is Pasteurised Egg?
    Eggzi’s resident chef, Mark, created Eggzi with one goal in mind; to provide delicious free range pasteurised eggs to all kitchens across Australia. But exactly what is pasteurised egg? Pasteurized eggs are regular chicken eggs that undergo a stringent process to ensure that the risk of the egg carrying harmful bacteria such as Salmonella is significantly reduced. The method of pasteurisation can lessen the existence of harmful bacteria causing contamination by up to 99%.

    Pasteurising eggs is beneficial for commercial kitchens, cafes, bars and restaurants. Eggzi has one goal in mind; to deliver exceptional quality eggs that meet the safety standards of food authorities and customers in an increasingly health-conscious world. Regulators such as the NSW Food Authority actively enforce that businesses in the food industry actively engage with pasteurized eggs Australia producers to keep their cafes, bars and restaurants safe.

  • How To Pasteurise Eggs?
    The egg pasteurisation process requires specifically designed equipment. Only HACCP certified facilities are sufficiently equipped to pasteurise eggs. Using specialist, custom-designed equipment ensures that pasteurized eggs are consistent and reliable for consumers.

    The process of pasteurising eggs involves gently heating them then rapidly and precisely cooling them. The water temperature the eggs are bathed in is warm enough to kill Salmonella and other harmful bacteria by 99.9% without cooking them. Secondly, the eggs undertake rapid precision cooling carried out by an egg pasteuriser. This method of egg pasteurisation retains the entire nutritional value of the egg and the full flavour profile. The result? Eggs that taste delicious and never compromise safety in your kitchen.

    Our packaging is specifically designed for chefs, bartenders and kitchen managers under pressure in busy kitchens. As some of the most premium pasteurized eggs Australia has to offer, we work with leading national venues to deliver safety in the kitchen. Our eggs are packaged in liquid form with a spout for easy pouring that minimises spill. We have solutions for kitchens and bars that need whole eggs or pre-separated egg whites and egg yolks. The packaging maintains the safety and quality of the eggs.

  • Are Eggs Pasteurised In Australia?

    Yes! Egg pasteurisation is our bread and butter, and we carry out the entire process right here in Australia!

  • How To Pasteurise Eggs At Home?
    Many of our customers ask our team how to pasteurise eggs at home. Our best advice to those asking how to pasteurise eggs at home is to egg responsibly but leave it to the eggsperts. The egg pasteurisation process demands the use of specialist equipment and facilities that can’t be simulated at home. Egg pasteurisers are experts in their fields and employ specifically designed equipment in HACCP certified facilities to ensure that eggs are correctly pasteurised without compromising the eggs’ flavour or nutritional value.
  • Who Needs Pasteurised Eggs?
    We think the real question should be; who doesn’t need pasteurised eggs? Eggs that are pasteurised are not only recommended by NSW Health Officials for the food industry, but also for the health industry, too. Let’s take a look at who needs pasteurized eggs.

    Pasteurised Eggs for Restaurants

    If you’ve ever worked behind the scenes in a restaurant, you’ll know that eggs are an integral part of every kitchen. Eggzi’s range of pasteurised egg white, pasteurised egg yolk and pasteurised whole egg varieties will significantly benefit all restaurants and will work to minimise waste at the same time. Our packaging allows chefs to pour out pre-separated or whole eggs quickly whenever required, without having to spend time separating the eggs physically. It’s a time-saver that can make a huge difference in a busy kitchen. Best yet, our pasteurisation process doesn’t compromise the quality of flavour in our eggs. That means that the food your kitchen produces is guaranteed to be safe and tasty. For more information on our pasteurised egg white, pasteurised egg yolk and pasteurised whole egg products, head over to our products & orders page now.

    Pasteurised Eggs for Bars

    Bar managers and bar staff will significantly benefit from using pasteurised egg white. Our pasteurised liquid egg white is packaged carefully in a specially designed pouch that is effortless for busy bartenders to use. Pasteurised egg white products will benefit bars because several classic cocktails, including Pisco Sours, Espresso Martini’s and Gin Fizz, contain raw egg whites. Eggzi’s Bartender’s Egg Whites are pasteurised to minimise the risk of Salmonella and other harmful bacteria coming into contact with your bar, your cocktails, and your customers. Keep making those classic cocktails but give your staff the freedom to explore new and seasonal varieties of cocktails. Designed for bartender use, our easy pasteurised liquid egg white pouches are available to order now.

    Pasteurised Eggs for Cafés

    No one wants to be known as that café. The café that causes a salmonella outbreak and infects its patrons with salmonella poisoning. Be smart about the eggs that you buy and lead the pack by switching to safer, pasteurized eggs for your kitchen today. The best part about buying pasteurised whole egg varieties for your kitchen at Eggzi is that our free range eggs’ flavour profile is not compromised. Select from Australia’s finest free range eggs with flavour profiles ranging from rich and velvety, earthy, or sweet at Eggzi. Explore the range of pasteurised whole eggs at Eggzi today.

    Pasteurised Eggs for Larger Commercial Kitchens

    Are you managing a large licensed commercial kitchen for a hotel, restaurant chain or care facility? You’ll understand first-hand the implications of running a kitchen that isn’t meeting the safety requirements outlined by health and food authorities. Become an industry leader in food safety and establish the values of your organisation. Eggzi’s pasteurised eggs are ethically sourced, stringently pasteurised, quality eggs that support regional Australian farmers. Become a pioneer for your sector with Eggzi’s pasteurised eggs.

  • Is Pasteurised Egg Safe In Pregnancy?
    Pasteurised eggs are suitable for pregnant women. Raw or undercooked eggs, or egg products, are unsafe throughout pregnancy due to the risks associated with Salmonella poisoning. So, is pasteurised egg safe in pregnancy? The answer is yes; pasteurised eggs are safe in pregnancy as they reduce the risk of Salmonella by up to 99%. Before consuming any pasteurised eggs, ensure that they are pasteurised in a HACCP certified facility. HACCP certified facilities produce consistently and reliably pasteurised egg white, pasteurised egg yolk and pasteurised whole egg varieties.
  • How Much Are Pasteurised Eggs?

    Is your kitchen budget conscious? We get it. Despite the guaranteed safety of pasteurised eggs, they are incredibly reasonably priced at Eggzi. We answer the burning question ‘how much are pasteurised eggs?’ below.

    Chef’s Egg Yolks

    Our certified free range Chefs’ Egg Yolks helps kitchens to safely handle eggs in baked goods, pastries, pasta, ice creams and sauces. This 900ml package contains 50 egg yolks and costs $23.50.

    Bartender’s Egg Whites

    Our 450ml, easy-store, easy-pour pouch of Bartender’s Egg Whites contains 14 egg whites and costs $7.50.

    Chef’s Whole Eggs

    Our pasteurised, certified Free Range Chefs’ Whole Eggs are sourced from regional Australian farming regions for their ethical practices, consistent quality and flavour profile. You’ll get 18 whole eggs from this 900ml pouch for $13.30.

  • Find An Egg Pasteuriser Near You
    Are you looking for an egg pasteuriser? You’ve come to the right place. Eggzi is the home of industry-leading pasteurised egg white, pasteurised egg yolk and pasteurised whole egg varieties. Contact us to place your order today.
  • Where To Find Pasteurised Eggs Australia
    Eggzi is where you can find the best pasteurized eggs Australia has to offer. We’re passionate about eggs and their ability to become the powerhouse of just about any cuisine. London has it. Paris has it. Now eggs that are pasteurised are available in Australia, too. Eggzi provides the most consistent, reliable and delicious pasteurized eggs Australia has to offer.

    Contact Eggzi to find a supplier of Eggzi products near you.

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