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Eggzi is proud to champion the best of Australia’s free range eggs

“We could talk eggs for hours.”

The flavour, the versatility, the producers who care for the hens who lay them, and how we make eggs safer for kitchens and bars. We’re passionate about eggs and the small details that make them the powerhouse of just about any cuisine.

Born out of a desire to make kitchens safer without compromising on quality, and frustrated with the lack of free range options for commercial kitchens, Eggzi has been 23 years in the making.

Founder and chef Mark Beattie having worked in Australia and Internationally followed his passion for the best seasonal ingredients, provenance and a love of all things food related , lead right back to his roots.

“I was raised in rural Manning Valley, where my appreciation for food’s relationship to people, environment and community began.

“Provenance matters.
People want to know where their food came from and
how it was raised and produced.


Thoughtfully raised hens and free range eggs are the standard that leading restaurants and consumers expect. Eggzi carefully vets each of our producers for their commitment to hen welfare, egg quality and consistent flavour.

Made for the makers

Alongside their creativity, chefs, caterers and mixologists have to manage the food health and safety.

Despite high standards of kitchen hygiene across Australia, the risk of Salmonella food poisoning is still very real. Salmonella enterica is found on the outside of eggshells as well as inside the egg.

Eggzi helps reduce the risks and labour costs associated with handling unpasteurised eggs and gives chefs, bar staff and cooks the freedom to create with safer, quality free range and pasteurised eggs.

It’s never been easier to create with confidence.

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