Chefs’ Egg Yolks

Chefs’ Egg Yolks

Created by Chefs for restaurants, caterers and bakeries wanting a safer, easy to use egg yolk product. Pasteurised to remove harmful bacteria including Salmonella by 99.9%, our certified free range Chefs’ Egg Yolks help kitchens to more safely handle eggs in baked goods, pastries, pastas, ice creams and sauces.

Chosen from Australia’s finest farming regions for their flavour profile which is rich, creamy and earthy.

  • Pasteurised Chefs Egg Yolks
    Certified Free Range Australian eggs
    Pasteurised to remove bacteria including Salmonella by 99.9%
    900ml, easy-pour, easy-to-store pouch with resealable screw cap.
    Contains 50 egg yolks.
    Perfect for: aioli, mayonnaise, hollandaise sauce, tiramisu, pasta, desserts, batters and ice cream.
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    Easy-pour, easy-to-store pouch with a resealable screw cap
    Contains 50 pasteurised egg yolks.


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